Invitation to the 20th Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Psoriasis

It is my honor to announce and invite you to the 20th annual meeting of Korean Society for Psoriasis (KSP) and Asian Summit for Psoriasis (ASP) 2016.

The Korean Society for Psoriasis was established in 1997 to promote research activities and to improve the quality of management for patients with psoriasis in Korea. This year we attain our 20th anniversary. During past years, our society make various commitments and play pivotal role to encourage research activity, to provide education for dermatologists and patients, and to improve public awareness on psoriasis. We also have been doing our best to expend our effort to communicate and share expertise and friendship with other societies/researchers studying on psoriasis.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we prepared special annual meeting to ruminate passed days and to seek the wisdom for coming new era. We invited many of outstanding speakers from Western and Asian countries to give us excellent talks on major topics in psoriasis and the latest outcomes of our researches will be reported and shared.

Specially in this meeting, the Korean Society for Psoriasis is very pleased with preparing and sponsoring the meeting of Asian Summit for Psoriasis (ASP) 2016. Asian Summit for Psoriasis meeting is prepared to provide continued opportunity for exchanging expertise on psoriasis and discussing better way of cooperation for the future among Asian psoriasis experts and will be held in parallel with the 20th annual meeting of KSP.
Any participant in the 20th KSP meeting is welcomed to join ASP2016, and vice versa.
To facilitate communication between participants from Korean and Asian countries, all presenting slides will be written in English. Furthermore, considerable number of talks will be also given in English in the 20th annual meeting of Korean Society for Psoriasis.

I hope that this meeting become a milestone for our history of KSP and serve as a pivotal link for future cooperation among Asian societies/experts on Psoriasis.
Please join the meetings and share the joy of making better future in the world of psoriasis.

Hae Jun Song,
President of the Korean Society for Psoriasis