Invitation to Asian Summit for Psoriasis 2016

It is with great pleasure to announce and invite you to the Asian Summit for Psoriasis (ASP) 2016 which will be held from September 23(Fri) to 24(Sat)2016 in Seoul, Korea.

In 2014, TIPS(Tokai International Psoriasis Summit) 2014 meeting was held in Tokyo by the great devotion and effort of Professor Akira Ozawa. We met together there and communicated and shared our ideas for future cooperation to promote the research on Psoriasis in Asian countries. We also shared the strong friendship and have agreed to meet again in Korea in this year.

ASP 2016 is an extension of same spirit we shared in previous meeting. Slogan of this meeting is “Raising our blossom together”.

We will try to seek more specific way of cultivating our precious seed from the previous meeting for better future. This summit is held in parallel with the 20th annual meeting of the Korean Society for Psoriasis (KSP) and any participant in ASP 2016 is also welcomed to join the 20th annual meeting of KSP.

We would appreciate if you come to join this summit and share your precious idea and friendship with us. Once we receive your reply of attendance, we will send you detailed information including accommodations.

President: Jai Il Youn , M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Dermatology, National Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

Honorary President: Akira Ozawa, M.D., Ph.D
Emeritus Professor, Tokai university, Isehara, Japan

Secretary General (Korea): Hae Jun Song (Korea Univ.)
Secretary (Japan): Tomotaka Mabuchi (Tokai Univ.)
Secretary (China): Pingshen Fan (Xijing Hospital)
Secretary (Taiwan): Chang Lin Tsai “Dino” (Shin-Kong memorial Hospital)